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The Polk County Museum is the perfect place to research your Polk County Family History!

We have an extensive Research Library that includes books, obituaries, articles, photographs, and various genealogical resources pertaining to hundreds of historic and current Polk County families, as well as numerous genealogical reference publications.

We have hundreds of files covering local history along with many history reference publications.

Our staff members are always happy to help you with your search.  If you prefer, you can hire our researcher ($15.00 per hour) to search our records for you.  Come in and see us.  We’ll gladly help get you started! For your convenience, you can download the Research Request form by clicking THIS LINK.

Access to all records is included in the Museum admission fee.

Access is Free to Polk County Historical Society Members.

Postcards and Photographs

Polk County Museum houses thousands of photographs of families, businesses, and places that are part of Polk county history. The Digital Photo Archives are available by appointment only. The Board member responsible for the archives will be available to assist you in acquiring copies at the time of your appointment. Please refer to the pricing chart below.

300 dpi Color Copy (8 ½” X 11” image on standard paper) $3.00
300 dpi Color Copy (4” X 6” image on photographic quality paper $5.00
300 dpi Color Copy (8” X 10” image on photographic quality paper $10.00
300 dpi Color SCAN to CD/per image $5.00
PCHS provided CD-$2.00 per CD

No Thumb drives or personal scanners permitted!

If you have a special publication request, use the form below to request the publication from the Polk County Historical Society.

Publications Request Form