Meet the members of the Polk County Historical Society board.

David Moellenberndt: President, Education Committee

Paul Denny: Vice-President, Displays Committee Chair, Monmouth/Independence Chamber Liaison, Programs Committee Chair, Acquisitions Committee

Rolfe Stearns: Treasurer

Sue Rohde: Secretary

Nita Wilson: Membership Chair, Librarian

Ann Gage: Education and Community Outreach Coordinator, Publications Chair

Tom Branigar: Archivist

James Foster: Photography Committee, Editor – Publications Committee

JoAnn King: Brunk House Committee Chair, Textiles Committee

BetteJo Lawson: Registrar of Acquisitions, Photo Archives Committee Chair

Al Ratzlaff: Military and Weapons Committee Chair, Chair of Acquisitions

Sue Robinson: Museum Grounds

Rodney Audin: Audio-Visual Coordinator, Facebook Admin.

Barbara Latham: Brunk House Committee